Elect Michael Gyll for Douglas County, NV Sheriff

I, Michael Gyll am announcing my intention to run for the Office of Sheriff of Douglas County, Nevada. I am a devoted family man and father of three, Courtney (22), Luke (7) and Reagyn (5). I have been married to my lovely, supportive wife, Melissa for 12 years. I was raised in a law enforcement family having my Father, Uncles, Cousins, and Brother-In-Law all serving with pride, commitment and courage.

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Prior to becoming a Police Officer I was an enlisted U.S. Army Paratrooper and a Veteran of Foreign War. I was honorably discharged from the Armed Forces in 1992. Just a few days later, I began the Nevada Highway Patrol Academy in Carson City, Nevada. In September 1992 I graduated from the Academy and was assigned to Battle Mountain which was a three Trooper NHP sub-station. In 1994 I transferred to Carson City and worked with local law enforcement from the counties of Douglas, Carson City, Lyon, Storey and Washoe.

In November 2006 I was promoted to the rank of Detective, and transferred to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Investigation Division and was assigned to a Narcotic Task Force as a full time Undercover Officer.

The following year, I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was the supervisor of a Narcotic Task Force unit which provided enforcement efforts to several counties, including Douglas, Carson City, Lyon, Washoe and Churchill.

Career Day at Lukes SchoolOn the 14th of March 2011 I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and
assigned to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Investigation Division, Headquarters as the Headquarters Commander. During my time in this position, I was responsible for two Narcotic Task Forces, a Major Crimes Unit, a Polygraph Examine Unit, the Division Records and Retention Unit and Administrative Assistants throughout Headquarters. My duties also included being the Budget Planning and Procurement Officer for the Division, Division Fleet Officer and Division Training and Firearms Coordinator.

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Douglas County Sheriff Town Hall Debate (VIDEO)

Douglas County Sheriff candidates Ron Pierini, Dave Brady and Michael Gyll squared off in a Town Hall Debate presented by the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, Business Council of Douglas County and The Record-Courier on Thursday, May 8 at the C.V.I.C. Hall in Minden.

Here is their full debate on video, broken down by question:

Mike NHP Graduation Photo

Mike Chopper Photo


Michael Gyll for Douglas County Sheriff - 2015
E-Mail: michael@gyll4docosheriff.com

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